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Women’s Stories, Movies and the Oscars #Women #Feminists PlsFollow > @femfreq


Women’s Stories, Movies and the Oscars #Women #Feminists PlsFollow > @femfreq

Please watch: “The Courageous Life of Ida B. Wells #OrdinaryWomen”


Oscar season is a time when members of Hollywood are celebrated and reward for the work that they do. But it is also a time when we see just how male centered the movie industry really is. As Allan G. Johnson points out, “If you want a story about heroism, moral courage, spiritual transformation, endurance, or any of the struggles that give human life its deepest meaning, men and masculinity are usually the terms in which you must see it,” and since the vast majority of Hollywood films are about these narratives then that might explain the overabundance of stories about men’s lives.

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See annotations for minor correction: Titanic is really about a boat but from a woman’s prospective about a man.

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