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“Woman Judges” fuck up the legal system #FeminismLOL #UnriggingTheGame #Feminist #lgbt


“Woman Judges” fuck up the legal system #FeminismLOL #UnriggingTheGame #Feminist #lgbt

In 1990 Justice Bertha Wilson decided to breach the requirement to be impartial and make a feminist change to precedent law before retiring a year later.

Her decision to allow “expert testimony” about Battered Wife Syndrome even in cases where the supposed battered person doesn’t testify is so flawed it can be discounted as “wrong” for future reference.

Bertha Wilson’s speech announcing her intentions:

The precedent setting Supreme Court decision in R v Lavallee:

Lori Douglas on the trustworthiness of Dr. shane:

Study showing that psychiatrists find whatever the person who hires them want them to find:

Judge’s performance comes from the most under-rated Pink Floyd track, “The Trial”:

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