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Transgender employee sues Amazon for alleged discrimination and harassment #GayNews #gay #lgbt #LGBT2 #News


Transgender employee sues Amazon for alleged discrimination and harassment #GayNews #gay #lgbt #LGBT2 #News

Transgender employee sues Amazon for alleged discrimination and harassment:

A married couple who worked at an Amazon shipping facility have filed a lawsuit against the company, saying they faced cruel discrimination and harassment at work because one of them is a transgender woman.

Allegra Schawe-Lane and her husband, Dane Lane, worked at a facility in Kentucky for a year. Once their coworkers learned that Allegra is trans, the couple says, they faced a slew of discrimination ranging from transphobic slurs to vulgar sexual harassment. (I won’t describe either here, but you can click the link above for a description. Triggers for transphobia and sexual harassment.)

The staff were also hostile to Allegra for using the women’s bathroom, made her do strenuous physical labor even when her doctor had given her instructions not to, and refused to let her leave work to go to the emergency room. Allegra and Dane said that they made “dozens of complaints” to Amazon HR in every way they could, but that the company never helped. 

“My husband Dane and I were devoted to our jobs. In return, we were treated atrociously by our co-workers and our bosses, simply because I am a woman,” Allegra said in a statement issued by the TLDEF. “The trauma we withstood still impacts us negatively today, creating serious health problems and leaving us with no money to pay for the doctors we desperately need.”

The couple also believe their car brake lines were severed in the Amazon secure parking lot—they noticed their brakes didn’t work after leaving work and a mechanic observed that the lines had been intentionally cut.

This is absurd. Amazon better come forward soon, explain what the hell happened, and make it right. 


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