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The FREQ Show: 00.01 Whitewashing #Women #Feminists SayEllo > @femfreq


The FREQ Show: 00.01 Whitewashing #Women #Feminists SayEllo > @femfreq

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This is the first episode of Feminist Frequency’s brand new series, The FREQ Show! With The FREQ Show, we’re answering the question, “What do representations of race, gender and sexuality in pop culture have to do with our current social and political climate?”

In this debut episode, we chart the racist underpinnings of Hollywood’s history of whitewashing, from the earliest days of cinema, when the practice was more blatant and obvious, to its more subtle but no less racist modern-day manifestations in films like Doctor Strange and Ghost in the Shell. We also examine the larger issue of why it’s harmful that people of color are so often written out of — or horribly written into — our media narratives, and why defenses of the practice are even more disappointing than The Great Wall’s performance at the box office.

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