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My Self Harm Story #GayGod #GayMen #gayman #Gay #LGBT2


My Self Harm Story #GayGod #GayMen #gayman #Gay #LGBT2

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week, and I feel like reuploading this video to my main channel can really help more people out there. Please share this with your friends, you never know who may be self harming themselves. This is a serious problem!

I apologize for crying so much, this was the most difficult vlog to film. I just hope it helps someone. If you need further help please try ANY of these hotlines!

Instead of self harming myself, I turned to the internet and helped other people coming out. I’m happy now, and wish for you to feel all the love and joy you deserve. Just know I care and that I don’t want to see you sad. Ever.

Everytime you don’t subscribe, a gay baby turns straight. Do it for the gaybies!

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