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Gay rights activist to air ad attacking Mormon Church’s tax exempt status #Gay News # please follow @gaystarnews


Gay rights activist to air ad attacking Mormon Church’s tax exempt status #Gay News # please follow @gaystarnews

Fred Karger makes plea for any tip offs of Mormon Church fraud

Comcast agrees to air an ad attacking the Mormon Church for their tax exempt status.

The telecommunications network owns channels such as NBC, CNBC and E! and will broadcast the ad in the Salt Lake City market.

Produced by equal rights activist, Fred Karger, the ad attacks the Church of Latter Day Saints (informally, the Mormon Church) for its religious tax exemptions.

The video starts: ‘It’s time for the Mormon Church to pay taxes on all of its income.’

Karger said: ‘The Mormon Church spends millions and millions of dollars a year on politics all over the world.’

‘The Church demonizes its LGBT members, won’t ordain women and has rampant sexual abuse in its ranks.’

‘All while it turns the other cheek.’

LGBTI people in the video then make an impassioned plea for tip offs about Mormon Church corruption.

‘Please help us uncover the vast business holdings and all the secret political activities of the Mormon Church,’ the video continues.

The second coming

The original ad included a claim that the Church of Latter Day Saints has $1 trillion in assets.

But Comcast have challenged the evidence for this and have asked Karger to amend the video.

Comcast said in a statement: ‘We are waiting for them to send us a revised 30-second ad to review.’

Karger hopes to have a newly edited version of the ad on Monday or Tuesday and give it to Comcast ‘the next day’, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Karger has been receiving tip offs by email and phone but no official internal Church documents yet.

Watch the original ad below:

Author: James Besanvalle

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