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Gay Oxford University employee in court over US murder #Gay News # pls checkout @gaystarnews


Gay Oxford University employee in court over US murder #Gay News # pls checkout @gaystarnews

Andrew Warren said online he was from Swindon, South West England

Andrew Warren appeared in court of the accusation he murdered a 26-year old man in Chicago.

Warren handed himself in earlier this month in San Francisco following a US-wide eight-day manhunt. This was 2,000 miles away from Chicago where the murder took place.

The murder happened on 27 July.

It is believed the pair fatally stabbed Trenton Cornell-Duranleau to death in Lathem’s flat.

His family reported missing in the UK on 25 July. Police believe he left for the US the day before.

Also accused is US professor Wyndham Lathem. He made his court appearance on Monday.

‘We’ve been looking at the connection between all three’

Warren, 56, declined to fight his extradition to Chicago for questioning and remanded in custody after appearing in San Franciso’s Hall of Justice.

Judge Edward Torpoco said: ‘Based on the nature of the charge, the defendant is remanded and no bail is set.’

Warren said he would accept a public lawyer as he could not afford his own.

A spokesman for the Chicago force, said detectives were examining the personal relationship between Lathem and Cornell-Duranleau.

‘We’ve been looking a great deal, not only at the relationship between Mr Lathem and the victim, but also the connection between all three,’ the spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, said.

Author: Charlie Mathers

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