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Feminists Bullied By Logic #FeminismLOL #UnriggingTheGame #Feminist #lgbt


Feminists Bullied By Logic #FeminismLOL #UnriggingTheGame #Feminist #lgbt

Feminists will not be oppressed by logic, reason, or Helen Reece.

Fearful of allowing common sense to taint their stronghold on rape dialogue, two feminist scholars reacted to questions about rape culture and rape myths with a delicious thirty five page response which is more fun than Saturday morning cartoons.

Original article:

Logic: another form of female oppression

1. Conaghan J, Russell Y. Rape Myths, Law, and Feminist Research: ‘Myths About Myths?’.Feminist Legal Studies. 2014;22(1).
Available from: statement

Thanks, and keep sending the rape jokes.

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