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26 Celebrities You Could Light One Up With #CelebNews #CelebEnt #gossip #showbiz


26 Celebrities You Could Light One Up With #CelebNews #CelebEnt #gossip #showbiz

As efforts increase to legalize weed across the US, public perception of ganja seems to evolve with each joint Miley Cyrus lights up. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans favor legalization of marijuana. It’s far from a taboo topic in Hollywood, and more and more celebrities are getting candid about their recreational use of marijuana. Susan Sarandon confessed to being stoned at “almost all” award shows, joining the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Kristen Stewart, and others who have no qualms with Mary Jane. In honor of 4/20, keep reading for the best celebrity revelations about getting high.


Author: Nick-Maslow

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